About Financial Performance

I don’t remember why I wrote this post at the time but I still think along the same lines, so let me publish this draft as well. When it comes to benchmarking and performance, I care about two questions. 1) Am I positive for the year? 2) Am I above my benchmark? There are unlimited […]

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Human Tribes

Indo European Language Families

This is another draft from at least a couple years ago: I was in the UK a little while ago where I met with a colleague with whom I had an interesting conversation. We talked about what we all as human beings have in common, what makes us different and how we associate ourselves with […]

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Glass Half Empty

Another draft from a while ago that needs to get published. It’s not well organized but I am sure you’ll get the point. My beautiful wife sometimes tells me that I am a “glass half empty” type. She’s always right and I admire people who can see every glass as half full. My glasses always […]

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