9 Sep 2013 | Please Comment
Some Early Thoughts

Armenian Library project continues to move forward. Today I posted on its Facebook page that Google had a library partner program but I didn’t see them prioritizing Armenian content any time soon. They ask the libraries to fill out a form and all they say is that at some point in the future they may contact the libraries. The Facebook post resulted in a very fundamental question (thank you for asking that question!). What do you propose to do about that… was the question. Following are some of my early thoughts. The vision is very clear in my mind but I welcome all feedback on this subject from anyone related to any of the Armenian libraries. Please keep in mind my overall objective to expand the Armenian language section of the Internet – the searchable and indexed content that’s in Armenian accessible to all who want to find it….

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19 Jul 2012 | Please Comment
The Best Computer Operating System

In my search of perfection in the world of computers, I have failed miserably. Nothing is perfect! Apple’s OS X is far from it, Windows… well… I won’t go into that. Chrome OS is downright scary. I constantly see posts and questions all over the Internet about syncing across operating systems, across vendors (like Google Contacts on Mac OS, or running Windows application on a Mac). Has anyone ever calculated the colossal amount of time that people spend dealing with these ridiculous computer issues…

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22 Jan 2012 | 3 Comments
Humbling Experiences

Last Sunday was a խաշ event at a friend’s house. This meal is not an ordinary meal but the one at his house was even more special. It was his son’s birthday but that’s not the only reason it was special. My high school friend graduated from MIT and left the Boston area for many years before coming back here a couple of years ago. The meal was also special…

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2 Dec 2011 | One Comment
Confusion or Normal

I just noticed that it has been over a year since my last post. The past year has certainly not been uneventful. Quite the opposite… Family is doing well; work is going fine; life is beautiful. On the surface everything is exactly as hoped and wished. I am thankful for that…

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18 Oct 2010 | 3 Comments
His New Bicycle

My son rides his bicycle to school on nice days. He got it as a present from his grandparents. One Friday a few weeks ago he had to leave the bike at school overnight. When we went to get it on Saturday, the bicycle was gone. I stood there thinking who would steal a kid’s bike from an elementary school bike rack… but then…

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17 Sep 2010 | 2 Comments
The English Debate

Last week I was in the UK for work, first time in that country. Work went perfectly but from the moment I stepped into that country, I was flooded with strange thoughts and new impressions.

“Why have you come here?” asked the passport checkpoint official.

“For work.”

“What is the nature of your work?” he continued in a very polite tone. A few more questions…