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19 Aug 2008 | Please Comment

I had to serve in a jury yesterday and was deeply moved by the experience. The process lasted one day but taught me much about our system of government, about the people who run the court system, about the process, and about myself and others. I want to share some of these thoughts in case you find them interesting.
Fulfillment of my civic responsibility made me appreciate the system far more than I expected. The dignity and respect with which the defendant, the attorneys, the judge and the jury were treated …

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17 Aug 2008 | Please Comment

This early morning has brought with it another perspective on mistakes. Mistakes come in different forms. Some are small, some are catastrophic, some impact only ourselves, some impact others, some are made in a second, others are made over many years, some take a minute to correct, others require long-term commitment. Following are some of my ways of dealing with mistakes.
Listen and get the message. I make mistakes all the time. If you are like me, you do not always recognize your mistakes immediately. Unfortunately, sometimes it takes days, weeks, …

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14 Aug 2008 | 2 Comments

“Life has no richer reward for any man than the reward that comes with the knowledge that another – a man, or a woman, or a child – has been given a little start toward health, happiness and success by just a little attention or encouragement on our part.” ~ J.C. Penney
So much to write, so little time. That is the story of the past few days. I met a friend whom I had not seen in fifteen years and thoroughly enjoyed reminiscing and catching up. We remembered how we …

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10 Aug 2008 | Please Comment

Arrogance is destructive. Pride blinds us so we can no longer differentiate the colors of life. High opinions of one’s own knowledge or importance sometimes are results of success and the assumption that past performance is an indicator of the future. I hope these never apply to me and wanted to make it clear that I certainly did not mean to appear arrogant (based on feedback from people I love) in the post about financial security. In the sea of knowledge, I know less than a drop but what I …

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8 Aug 2008 | Please Comment

While watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics in Beijing this evening, one thought would not leave me alone. So much is being communicated without a single word! No speeches, no common language, yet the message came across loud and clear. Along the same lines, I heard on the radio a few weeks ago a filmmaker comment about Charlie Chaplin and the movies of his era where the motion picture was able to express almost every situation and human emotion without a soundtrack. My little daughter is able to express …