Adam Sandler Tops Forbes’ Highest-Paid Actors List with Netflix Success in 2023

Adam Sandler didn’t earn an Oscar nomination for his work in Netflix’s “Murder Mystery 2” this weekend, yet he finds solace in the achievement of becoming Hollywood’s highest-paid actor last year, as reported by Forbes magazine. The success of the romantic comedy thriller sequel, along with his involvement in producing and appearing in three films for Netflix in 2023, propelled his earnings to $73 million, according to Forbes.

Sandler’s financial triumph placed him ahead of “Barbie” star Margot Robbie, who, at 33, was the youngest among the top 10 earners and a decade younger than her peers. Robbie, besides acting, took on the producer role for “Barbie,” the year’s top box office sensation, and the critically acclaimed “Saltburn.”

In Forbes’ ranking, Tom Cruise secured the third spot, followed by Ryan Gosling and Matt Damon, both tied for fourth. Gosling, notable for his role alongside Robbie in “Barbie,” and Matt Damon were highlighted, with Jennifer Aniston, Sandler’s co-star in “Murder Mystery,” ranking sixth.

“Murder Mystery 2,” while Netflix’s fifth most-watched film last year with 173 million hours viewed, did not resonate well with Oscar voters or some critics, facing mixed reviews. Despite the critique, it was acknowledged for exceeding expectations, with outlets like The Los Angeles Times and Vulture recognizing the unexpected quality of the film.

Sandler’s profitable partnership with Netflix was further demonstrated by his involvement in projects such as the animated film “Leo,” and the comedy “You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah.” Following the success of 2019’s “Murder Mystery,” Netflix continued their collaboration with Sandler, who also expanded his earnings through 44 stand-up comedy performances reported by Forbes. This year, Sandler has already made an appearance in the sci-fi drama “Spaceman” for Netflix, underscoring the enduring appeal and versatility of his talent.