Apple Adjusts EU Tech Rule Compliance, Eases App Marketplace Creation Requirements

Apple has updated its strategies to align with the EU’s new tech regulations following feedback from app developers. This includes removing the requirement for developers seeking to establish alternative app marketplaces to secure a stand-by letter of credit.

The tech giant, alongside five other major industry players, is mandated to adhere to the Digital Markets Act (DMA) by March 7. The DMA outlines specific regulations designed to curb the influence of these tech giants, ensuring a fair competitive environment and broadening consumer choices.

In January, Apple unveiled plans permitting developers to offer their applications to European Union users via platforms other than the Apple App Store, introducing new fees and terms in the process. Apple has now revised these terms, simplifying the process for developers to agree to the new conditions at the developer account level. According to a recent statement on its website, Apple has eliminated the stipulation for each associated membership entity to sign the Addendum, facilitating easier compliance.

Moreover, Apple has introduced a one-time clause enabling developers to opt out of the Addendum under specific conditions and revert to Apple’s conventional terms for their EU applications. Furthermore, it has eliminated the letter of credit requirement for developers interested in launching a competing app marketplace, setting two new criteria for eligibility. Developers can now establish an alternative app marketplace if their account has been active for at least two years and they have a significant app presence in the EU, with over 1 million First Annual Installs.