Catholic Church in Sri Lanka denies allegations by Sirisena regarding Easter Sunday fund disbursement

Catholic Church denies Sirisena’s allegations.

 Catholic Church in Sri Lanka Responds to Sirisena’s Allegations with Proof of Disbursement

The Catholic Church in Sri Lanka has categorically denied allegations made by former President Maithripala Sirisena regarding the disbursement of funds intended for the victims of the Easter Sunday bombings. Sirisena claimed that the funds, which were received from various sources, had not been distributed to the victims as promised. However, National Director of Catholic Mass Communications, Fr. Jude Krishantha, refuted these claims, emphasizing that the Church had already disbursed Rs. 500 million to the victims through ‘Seth Sarana,’ the social service arm of the Sri Lankan Catholic Church.

Fr. Krishantha highlighted that the Church follows the teaching of Jesus, who said that one’s left hand should not know what the right hand is doing, implying that their charitable acts are performed discreetly without seeking public recognition. “We do things secretly without publishing our acts,” he stated.

In response to Sirisena’s demands for transparency, Fr. Krishantha maintained that the Church had acted responsibly and in accordance with their principles of humility and secrecy in charitable works. Sirisena had called for the Church to provide a list of names of the Easter Sunday bomb victims who received the funds. The Church’s firm denial aims to reassure the public and the victims’ families that the funds have been appropriately allocated.

The controversy arises amidst broader discussions on accountability and transparency in the handling of charitable donations and aid in the aftermath of tragedies. The Catholic Church’s response underscores their commitment to supporting the victims while adhering to their spiritual and ethical values. The situation continues to evolve as the Church stands by its actions and principles.