European Union foreign policy chief Josep Borrell

EU Foreign Policy Chief Calls for Two-State Solution in Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

The EU’s foreign policy chief Josep Borrell, on Monday stressed on the necessity of eventually achieving a two-state solution in the Gaza conflict, ahead of talks with top diplomats from Israel and Palestine. 

Stressing that  Israel relying solely on military means would not lead to peace, Borrell reiterated the United Nations’ condemnation of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s rejection of calls for a Palestinian state following the Gaza war.

Borrell stated, “Our objective is to establish a two-state solution, and we should engage in discussions about it.” He further emphasized that peace and stability could not be attained through military actions alone and questioned if there were alternative solutions in mind.

The surprise Hamas attack on Israel on October 7, followed by Israel’s extensive military response, has escalated tensions in the Middle East, raising concerns about a broader conflict. Despite the recent violence making a long-term resolution seem more challenging, EU officials assert that it is crucial to address the Israeli-Palestinian conflict now.

In their diplomatic efforts, the 27 EU ministers are scheduled to meet separately with Israel’s Foreign Minister Israel Katz and the Palestinian Authority’s top diplomat, Riyad al-Maliki. It is not expected that Katz and Maliki will hold a joint meeting. Additionally, foreign ministers from Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia will engage in discussions with European ministers. The top EU diplomat presented a comprehensive approach to the ministers, including the possibility of an international conference, aimed at finding a lasting peace solution.