India-Sri Lanka Ferry Service Resumes: Nagapattinam to Kankesanthurai Route Reopens

The much-awaited resumption of the passenger ferry service connecting India’s Nagapattinam and Kankesanthurai (KKS) in Sri Lanka’s Jaffna is set to commence on February 15, as announced by the Ports, Shipping, and Aviation Minister. This pivotal initiative, receiving a green light from the Indian government for a February 15 start, marks the completion of preliminary arrangements to reestablish this crucial maritime link.

Interestingly, the ceremonial inauguration of this ferry service took place earlier on October 20, 2023. The event was highlighted by the arrival of the ‘Cheriyapani’ passenger ferry at the Kankesanthurai port, thereby renewing the maritime connection between India and Sri Lanka after a long 40-year break.

The inaugural journey of the ‘Cheriyapani’ was celebrated with a traditional plaque exchange, signifying the commencement of a new era in maritime travel between the two countries. The ‘Cheriyapani’ ferry designed to comfortably accommodate up to 150 passengers, is operated by the Shipping Corporation of India (SCI).

Passengers embarking on the Nagapattinam to Kankesanthurai journey can expect an approximate travel time of four hours. With a one-way ticket costing Sri Lankan Rupees 26,750 and a round trip priced at SL Rs. 53,500,the ferry service becomes an important step in enhancing bilateral connectivity for tourism between India and Sri Lanka.