India takes on Google AI over responses on PM Modi

The Indian IT Ministry is set to send a formal complaint to Google for “problematic and illegal” answers provided by its AI platform, Gemini, about Prime Minister Narendra Modi, The Indian Express reported.

A high-ranking official reported that Gemini, previously known as Bard, had already given a controversial summary from a conservative publication. The recent remarks concerning PM Modi prompted the notice.

This development highlights the ongoing dispute over legal protections for AI platforms like Gemini and ChatGPT. Google has already apologized for Gemini’s inaccurate historical depictions after it mistakenly portrayed certain historical figures and groups in incorrect racial contexts.

A social media screenshot showed Gemini labeling PM Modi with accusations of fascism, citing the BJP’s ideology, suppression of dissent, and violence against minorities.

According to a screenshot shared by a user on social media platform X, Gemini was asked whether PM Modi is a ‘fascist’, to which the platform responded that he has been “accused of implementing policies some experts have characterised as fascist,” which based on factors like the “BJP’s Hindu nationalist ideology, its crackdown on dissent, and its use of violence against religious minorities”.

Conversely, when asked about former US President Donald Trump, Gemini recommended using Google Search for reliable information. As per the screenshot, when it was asked a similar question about former US President Donal Trump, Gemini responded with: “Elections are a complex topic with fast-changing information. To make sure you have the most accurate information, try Google Search.”

Minister of State for Electronics and IT, Rajeev Chandrasekhar, reacted to the incident, stating it breached specific IT Act rules and criminal code provisions. These regulations mandate certain standards for intermediaries like Google to maintain immunity from liability for user-generated content.