Shocking: Piyumi Hansamali's Luxury Vehicle Seized by Police

Shocking: Piyumi Hansamali’s Luxury Vehicle Seized by Police

News Today : Piyumi Hansamali’s luxury vehicle seized by police in major narcotics investigation

The Police Narcotics Bureau (PNB) has seized a luxury vehicle registered under model Piyumi Hansamali’s name from a garage in Nawala. The car was found at a two-storied house belonging to a businessman arrested for importing narcotics worth over Rs. 60 million.

Police said the businessman was guilty of importing the illicit substances through a courier service earlier this year. Police investigations began after another person attempted to collect the parcel. The businessman, a major auto spare parts importer in Colombo 10, was subsequently arrested.

It was revealed that the suspect had been living in a rented house in Nawala earlier this year. After the PNB’s seizure of the drugs, he relocated to another residence near School Lane, Nawala.

The suspect reportedly informed the police that he had paid Rs. 10 million for the car, with an outstanding balance yet to be paid.

Piyumi Hansamali is also under investigation by the Illegal Assets Investigations Division of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) for the alleged suspicious acquisition of property.

This news today highlights the growing complexity of criminal activities involving high-profile individuals and luxury assets. Authorities are working diligently to uncover all connections and bring those involved to justice.