No Decrease in School Transport Fares 2024 Despite Fuel Price Revision

No Decrease in School Transport Fares: Stability for Families

No Decrease in School Transport Fares 2024 Despite Fuel Price Revision

The All Island Schoolchildren’s Transport Association announced today that there will be no decrease in school transportation fares despite the recent fuel price revision. The decision comes as the price of auto diesel has not changed, leaving vehicle owners unable to reduce their operational costs.

The Association highlighted the ongoing economic challenges that vehicle owners face, making it difficult for them to maintain their vehicles without financial strain. They have requested the Government to provide financial assistance to support these vehicle owners. This support is crucial to ensure that children can travel safely and comfortably, and maintain punctuality for their school routines.

The Union emphasized the importance of addressing this issue to prevent disruptions in school transportation services. They urged the Government to pay close attention to the matter and take necessary actions to alleviate the financial burdens faced by vehicle owners.

By maintaining the current fare structure, the Association aims to sustain the quality and reliability of school transportation services. The call for financial assistance underscores the need for a collaborative approach to support the education sector and ensure the safety and well-being of schoolchildren.