PAFFREL Vows Legal Action

PAFFREL Vows Legal Action if Election Is Postponed

Lanka News: Legal Action for Election Postponement

The People’s Action for Free and Fair Elections (PAFFREL) has announced its intention to take legal action if the government attempts to postpone the upcoming election. Rohana Hettiarachchi, the Executive Director of PAFFREL, stated that although the Election Commission has not yet been vested with the authority to proclaim the Presidential election, there is still time for the process to proceed as scheduled. Hettiarachchi expressed confidence that if the country’s leaders act in accordance with the Constitution, there will be no obstacle in announcing the election in the first week of August.

He emphasized that the Election Commission is constitutionally mandated to hold the election before October 17, and any delay would be a violation of this authority. PAFFREL’s stance highlights the importance of adhering to constitutional guidelines to ensure a free and fair electoral process. The organization is prepared to take all necessary legal measures to prevent any attempt to undermine this process.

The potential postponement of the election has raised concerns among various stakeholders about the integrity of the democratic process in Lanka. PAFFREL’s proactive approach underscores the need for vigilance in safeguarding electoral rights and upholding constitutional mandates. The outcome of this situation will be closely monitored by both national and international observers, as it will set a significant precedent for the future conduct of elections in the country.

In conclusion, PAFFREL’s commitment to legal action against any postponement of the election is a crucial step in ensuring that the electoral process remains transparent and constitutionally compliant. The organization’s efforts serve as a reminder of the fundamental importance of upholding democratic principles in Lanka.