Public Health Inspectors conducting a food quality inspection

Public Health Inspectors Crack Down on Canteen Food Quality

Addressing Concerns: Public Health Inspectors Target School and Hospital Canteen Food Quality

Public Health Inspectors (PHIs) have initiated a series of raids in school and hospital canteens across the island following numerous complaints about the inferior quality of the food served. The Head of the PHI union, Upul Rohana, emphasized that they have been inundated with consumer complaints.

“Under the School Canteen Policy guidelines, canteens are mandated to curb deep-fried, high-sugar, high-salt, and high-fat foods, as well as eliminate junk food offerings. Despite these regulations, reports suggest a lax approach in enforcement, prompting PHIs to take matters into their own hands,” he stressed.

As a result, PHIs have intensified raids in school and hospital canteens nationwide. “We are ramping up our efforts to ensure compliance with food quality standards,” Rohana pointed out.

Meanwhile, a senior official from the Health Ministry acknowledged delays in enforcing necessary actions against such canteens, describing progress as extremely slow. This lack of timely enforcement has contributed to the persistence of substandard food quality in these institutions.

In response to these ongoing issues, the official urged the public to directly report any concerns to Medical Officers of Health (MOH) by contacting them at 0112112718. Public cooperation is deemed crucial to effectively address and rectify the situation.

The increased vigilance by PHIs aims to safeguard the health of students and patients by ensuring they receive food that meets the required health and safety standards. The ongoing raids and public involvement are expected to bring about significant improvements in food quality at school and hospital canteens.

The PHI union remains committed to upholding food safety standards and protecting public health, emphasizing that the current efforts are just the beginning of a comprehensive campaign to address this critical issue.