Public transport declared essential service - Gazette notification

Public Transport Declared Essential Service – Vital Update!

Public transport declared essential service to ensure uninterrupted operation and infrastructure maintenance.

Yesterday, public transport services were declared an essential service, following a Gazette notification issued by the President’s Secretary, E.M.S.B. Ekanayake. This declaration encompasses public transport services for passengers and goods, as well as the provision and maintenance of facilities necessary for transport services by road and rail. This includes infrastructure such as roads, bridges, culverts, and railway lines, which are now officially recognized as essential.

The declaration highlights the critical role of public transport in maintaining the country’s economy and ensuring the mobility of its citizens. By classifying these services as essential, the government aims to guarantee their uninterrupted operation, even during times of crisis. This move is expected to have a positive impact on the reliability and efficiency of public transport services across the nation.

Public transport has always been a lifeline for many, facilitating daily commutes, the transportation of goods, and overall connectivity. Recognizing its importance, the government has taken steps to ensure that these services are maintained at all costs. This declaration also underscores the commitment to developing and improving the country’s transport infrastructure.

For commuters and businesses relying on these services, this announcement brings a sense of relief and assurance. It signifies a commitment to sustaining and enhancing the public transport network, ensuring that it remains functional and efficient. This decision is anticipated to contribute significantly to the nation’s economic stability and growth.

The Gazette notification serves as a reminder of the indispensable nature of public transport and the need to support its continuous development and maintenance. This move is a proactive step towards securing the transportation needs of the country and its people.