Tourist Arrivals over 600,000 tourist arrivals in first three months of 2024

Sri Lanka has reported over 600,000 tourist arrivals within the first three months of this year (2024).

According to Minister of Tourism Harin Fernando, a total of 608,475 tourist arrivals have been reported as of 31 March 2024.

Pointing out that each of the first three months of 2024 has recorded over 200,000 tourist arrivals, Minister Harin Fernando said it was a remarkable turnaround for Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA) data shows Sri Lanka has resumed reporting tourist arrival figures almost close to that of 2018.

As per the SLTDA data for 2024, a total of 208,253 tourist arrivals were reported in January, 218,350 tourist arrivals in February, and 209,181 tourist arrivals in March.

In March, India led the tourist arrivals with 28,218 tourists, followed by 25,112 tourists from Russia, 16,745 tourists from Germany, 16,649 tourists from the United Kingdom, and 11,220 tourists from China.

Tourist arrivals have also been reported from France, Australia, the United States, Poland, and Canada during this period.