Uma Oya Project to Boost Sri Lanka’s Electricity by 120 MW in February

The Uma Oya project is expected to add 120 MW of electricity to the national grid by February 15, 2024, State Minister of Irrigation Shasheendra Rajapaksa said.

Sri Lanka plans to increase the country’s electricity generation this year, the State Minister Rajapaksa announced, adding that it marks a significant step towards improving Sri Lanka’s energy security.

The State Minister also revealed plans to utilize 31 identified reservoirs for floating solar power plants, with the potential to generate an additional 3077 MW of electricity. The innovative approach , he said, leverages existing infrastructure and resources to address the country’s growing energy needs.

A substantial budget allocation of Rs. 23,413 million for the Ministry, with Rs. 6,913 million dedicated to reservoir maintenance and Rs. 16,500 million earmarked for large-scale irrigation projects, Minister Rajapaksa said, comes with the government’s prioritization of food security and sustainable agricultural practices.