US Military to Build Temporary Port in Gaza for Humanitarian Aid, Biden Announces

President Joe Biden plans for the US military to construct a temporary port in Gaza, aiming to assist the flow of humanitarian aid into the territory by sea. This move is expected to boost the delivery of vital assistance, including food, water, medicine, and temporary shelters to Palestinians, with officials predicting an increase by “hundreds of additional truckloads” per day. Despite the ambitious project, the president clarified that US troops would not be deployed on the ground in Gaza.

The announcement, made during the State of the Union address, highlights a critical response to the United Nations’ warning that a quarter of the Gaza population is facing an imminent famine risk. The planned port will feature a temporary pier facilitating the transfer of supplies from sea vessels to the shore. Although specifics about the construction of the causeway and the security of aid on land remain uncertain, the project promises to enhance the logistical capabilities for aid delivery to Gaza.

Officials indicated that the port’s establishment would take several weeks and is designed to accommodate large ships. The first shipments of aid are scheduled to arrive from Cyprus, undergoing Israeli security inspections as a precondition. President Biden emphasized the project’s potential to dramatically increase daily humanitarian aid volumes to Gaza and called on Israel to support the effort by allowing more aid and ensuring the safety of humanitarian workers amidst the ongoing conflict.