100 octane Petrol will be available in SL soon.

Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. (IOCL) on Saturday exported its first-ever consignment of 100 octane premium fuel, XP100 to Sri Lanka. The product is tailored for premium high-end vehicles.

Flagging off the shipment at the Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust in Mumbai, V. Satish Kumar, Director (Marketing), Indian Oil said this was the third time the Company was taking a product offshore, showcasing its potential to send quality products from India to the world. “This marks a momentous occasion as another one of our products moves out to conquer new markets in Sri Lanka,” he said.

Sujoy Choudhary, Director (Planning & Business Development) and Chairman Lanka IOC, said, “This is a historic day as will be we flag off our premium product XP100 to Sri Lanka. We have drawn up comprehensive promotional schemes to ensure this product gets wider visibility and acceptability.”

The XP100 is domestically developed, leveraging IndianOil’s indigenous Octamax Technology. Designed with anti-knock properties, it is engineered to enhance engine performance, faster acceleration, smoother drivability and improved fuel economy.

The formulation is said to reduce engine deposits and emissions in high compression ratio engines, optimising vehicle performance and longevity while minimizing maintenance. It is also eco-friendly fuel with significantly reduced tailpipe emissions, said a press release here.