Police body camera footage of a 13-year-old boy holding a replica gun in Utica.

Tragic Police Shooting: 13-Year-Old Killed Holding Replica Gun

13-Year-Old Shot by Police Holding Replica Gun Sparks Outrage

A 13-year-old boy, Nyah Mway, was shot dead by New York police after running from officers while holding a replica handgun. The incident occurred on Friday night when officers stopped Mway and another 13-year-old, matching the description of recent robbery suspects in Utica. As police questioned the boys, Mway fled, leading to a chase. Police Chief Mark Williams stated that officers saw what appeared to be a handgun. During a struggle, Officer Patrick Husnay fired a shot, hitting Mway in the chest. Mway received first aid at the scene but later died at Wynn Hospital.

Body camera footage, released Saturday, shows the teenager pointing what police claim was a replica weapon while running. The footage and incident have sparked outrage in the community. Utica Mayor Michael Galime has urged calm, emphasizing the importance of understanding the situation fully.

The officers involved, Patrick Husnay, Bryce Patterson, and Andrew Citriniti, are on administrative leave as the shooting is investigated by the New York attorney general’s office and Utica police. The replica weapon was determined to be a Glock 17 model that fires pellets or BBs.

The officers were patrolling the West Utica area, assisting with robbery investigations. On June 27, suspects with a black firearm robbed victims, matching descriptions of an Asian male and a dark-skinned male. Mway and his friend were stopped around 22:00 local time based on these identifying factors.