Airbus Welcomes Chinese COMAC Competition at Singapore Airshow 2024

Anand Stanley, President of Airbus Asia-Pacific, expressed his support for competition within the aviation manufacturing industry. He highlighted this stance while speaking to CNA at the Singapore Airshow 2024, held at the Changi Exhibition Centre, and noted the participation of COMAC, a Chinese state-owned enterprise, at the event.

Stanley expressed his pleasure at COMAC’s attendance, emphasizing the benefits of competition in enhancing the quality and innovation among industry players. COMAC is currently showcasing its C919 narrow-body airliner, which is marking its international debut at the airshow. This aircraft, which completed its first commercial flight from Shanghai to Beijing in May of the previous year with China Eastern Airlines, represents China’s entry into the market with a domestically developed passenger jet intended to rival Airbus and Boeing’s offerings. Both of these established aviation manufacturers have faced challenges in fulfilling the soaring demand for new aircraft, with Boeing also addressing safety concerns.

Highlighting the significant growth potential within the Asia-Pacific region, Stanley pointed out its status as both the fastest-growing and largest aviation market globally. He projected a demand for approximately 19,000 to 20,000 aircraft over the next two decades, underscoring the robust and continuing need for new airplanes. According to Stanley, the post-pandemic recovery has led to an increased demand for aircraft, with Airbus experiencing a record year in backlogs and orders, currently standing at 8,300 aircraft