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Animal Welfare Bill to Transform Animal Rights Soon

Lanka News: Animal Welfare Bill to Be Passed Soon: A New Era for Animal Rights

The Animal Population Association announced today their anticipation for the passing of the Animal Welfare Bill in Parliament. Dr. Chamith Nanayakkara, the association’s advisor, informed Legacy Daily that advocates have been pushing for this bill since 2000.

Dr. Nanayakkara emphasized that the bill is well-balanced, addressing concerns from both the meat and dairy industries without negatively impacting them. “This bill does not pose any harm to the mentioned industries,” he stated. The focus remains on the safety and welfare of animals.

The bill’s delay was due to efforts to ensure a balanced solution. The association engaged in multiple discussions with stakeholders from the meat and dairy sectors, as well as those involved in perahera (traditional procession) occasions. Dr. Nanayakkara elaborated on these efforts, highlighting the importance of these discussions in refining the bill.

Scheduled for Cabinet discussion tomorrow (9th) and a parliamentary debate on Thursday, the bill has garnered significant attention from animal lovers and supporters who eagerly await its passing. The association has expressed its intent to support only those parliamentary members who back the bill, underscoring the importance of animal welfare as a societal responsibility and a testament to kindness towards animals.

The Animal Welfare Bill represents a significant step forward in protecting animal rights in Lanka. As animal lovers anticipate its passage, the association remains committed to advocating for policies that ensure the humane treatment of animals.