Ceylon Teachers Union General Secretary Joseph Stalin addressing the media.

Ceylon Teachers Union Slams President’s Racial and Unfair Statement

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The Ceylon Teachers Union condemns the President’s statement as racial and inappropriate. The Union’s General Secretary, Joseph Stalin, told Legacy Daily that he condemns the President’s remarks about declaring Teachers and Principal services as essential. Stalin emphasized that the essential needs of schools must be met before these services are declared essential. He highlighted that no essential needs are being provided to schoolchildren, placing the burden of education on parents.

Stalin also criticized the President for making statements such as “This situation is only seen in Sinhalese schools,” labeling them as racial, unfair, and inappropriate. He pointed out that the two-day sick leave campaign was successful even in the Northern and Eastern Provinces, where the majority of the population is Tamil and Muslim. The Union decided to return to work not out of fear of the President or due to the request made by Acting Education Minister Bandula Gunawardena.

Stalin reiterated that teachers and principals are committed to providing quality education but need the government to ensure schools are equipped with essential resources. He urged the President to focus on addressing the critical issues facing the education sector rather than making divisive statements. The Union remains firm in its stance to advocate for the rights and needs of teachers, principals, and students across the country.