Chaos Erupts in Kenya

Chaos Erupts in Kenya: Parliament Set Ablaze in Fiery Protest

Kenya Parliament Protest 2024: Demonstrations Escalate into Violence

Chaos erupted in Kenya as protesters set parliament ablaze in opposition to new tax proposals. The demonstrations, which have been ongoing for days, escalated on Tuesday after MPs passed an amended finance bill. Protesters broke through police lines in Nairobi, vandalizing the interior of parliament and stealing the ceremonial mace. Police responded with live ammunition, killing at least five people. Hundreds were injured by rubber bullets and tear gas.

President William Ruto condemned the violence, deploying the military to restore order. “It is not in order or even conceivable that criminals pretending to be peaceful protesters can reign terror against the people,” Ruto stated. Former president Uhuru Kenyatta called for dialogue, urging leaders to remember their power is granted by the people.

Protesters, angered by proposed tax increases on essential items like bread and sanitary pads, demanded the bill’s withdrawal. “Our voice must be heard,” said 23-year-old Maureen Awuor. International figures like Ugandan opposition leader Bobi Wine and South African politician Julius Malema expressed support for the protesters. Western countries have also voiced concerns and called for calm.