China to Collaborate with Sri Lanka on Vehicle Manufacturing

A meeting between the China Association of Small and Medium-commercial Enterprises (CASMCE) and Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena took place yesterday at Temple Trees, focusing on bilateral cooperation and investment opportunities.
The discussion revolved around the expansion and trade investments in several key sectors, including vehicle manufacturing, renewable energy, agricultural technology, paper and printing-related fields.

Mr. Ren Xinglei, President of CASMCE, expressed China’s enthusiasm for Prime Minister Gunawardena’s recent visit to China, extending heartfelt gratitude for the visit’s significance in fostering stronger ties between the two nations.

Highlighting potential investment avenues, Mr. Xu Xiang, Vice President of CASMCE, emphasized opportunities in developing industries related to solar power, wind power and biomass energy within Sri Lanka.

Prime Minister Gunawardena underscored the potential for exporting high-quality cinnamon to China and proposed prioritizing the import of electronic vehicles, signalling a strategic move towards sustainable transportation solutions.