Health Ministry warns the public against severe disease after floods.

The Health Ministry has warned the public to refrain from swimming,walking in floodwaters or consuming food that might be infected after flooding.
Children and pets are strongly advised to avoid the floods since the water might be contaminated.
Health Authorities are concerned about a possible outbreak of Leptospirosis and have urged the public to be vigilant.
The symptoms for Leptospirosis are high fever, severe spinal pain, intense headaches, muscle pains,acute febrile illness with chills, headaches, muscle pain or tenderness, jaundice, conjunctival suffusion, cough, shortness of breath, and gastrointestinal issues.
Anyone experiencing these symptoms have to immediately,seek medical attention.
Severe complications can include renal, heart, or respiratory failure, widespread hemorrhage, and central nervous system involvement, all of which can be fatal.
In approximately 5-10% of cases, Leptospirosis can develop into severe forms that may lead to fatalities. High-risk groups include individuals engaged in occupations such as agriculture, farming, gem-mining, sewage, and canal cleaning.