Doctors warn of Hand foot and mouth disease in Children.

A senior Consultant Pediatrician Dr. Deepal Perera said today that there is an increase in the spread of hand-foot-and-mouth disease among schoolchildren these days.

He said this disease spreads every year, especially between March and April.

Doctors have warned parents to be cautious when children have symptoms like small, oval, red or white blisters on the palms,mouth and soles of their feet.
On the other hand,if there is a red skin rash with a brown scale appearing or a rash on the outer arms.
It is adviseable not to send children to schools, daycare centres or public places,under the circumstances.

HFMD is most commonly caused by the Coxsackie virus. The Hand Foot and Mouth disease spreads through contact with the fluid from inside the blisters or with the droplets being spread from sneezing and coughing.
In some instances the nails may fall off but it will grow again.

The virus can also be present in bowel movements (excrement) for up to several weeks after the person has recovered.

“The trunk is usually relatively clear. Sometimes there are blisters present, but they are not usually in the mouth, and your child can eat and drink as usual,” Dr. Perera said.

The Doctor continued,”blisters will not be itchy, like chickenpox blisters. If your child has eczema, the HFMD can cause it to worsen and potentially make them infected with bacteria.”
He requested that parents to provide face masks to children to prevent any spreading and infection.
The disease lasts for three to four days.