FIFA President Infantino Rejects Introduction of ‘Blue Cards’ in Football

FIFA President Gianni Infantino has voiced opposition to the International Football Association Board’s (IFAB) suggestion of implementing ‘blue cards’, admitting he was initially unaware of the concept until it garnered public attention. During the IFAB’s Annual General Meeting in Scotland, where football’s rule-making body proposed ‘blue cards’ to allow referees to temporarily dismiss players for 10 minutes for dissent or deliberate fouls, discussions included FIFA representatives.

Infantino, speaking to journalists on Friday at the IFAB meeting in Loch Lomond, Scotland, firmly stated, “Blue cards will not be introduced at the elite level. For us, this matter is not up for discussion.” He emphasized FIFA’s strong stance against the proposal, expressing surprise at the discussion as FIFA’s president. “As far as titles go, consider it a ‘red card to the blue card’,” he remarked. While open to exploring new ideas, Infantino underscored the importance of preserving the sport’s core values and traditions. “We’re willing to consider suggestions,” he said, “but it’s crucial to maintain the essence of football. The blue card will not be part of it.”