Flyover in Kohuwala to be completed in 3 months

The final phase of the construction of the flyover at the Kohuwala junction will be completed within the next three months, Minister of Highways Bandula Guanwardena said.

Speaking to reporters, Minister Gunawardena said that the construction work for the said flyover, which is 300 metres long and 9.2 metres wide, resumed on Wednesday.

The minister explained that construction work which began in 2021 was initially halted due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and was later suspended due to the economic crisis.

Stating that the project was commenced with a Euro 50 million loan from the Hungarian Government for the two flyover projects in Kohuwala and Gatambe, he said it was suspended after the loans were not repaid.

As Sri Lanka is currently undergoing debt restructuring due to its economic crisis, the Hungarian Government has suspended the disbursement of funds in this regard, until a loan repayment agreement is signed under the restructured debt, he said.

Minister Guanwardena further said that as 98% of the construction has been completed for the flyover, the Hungarian Government had agreed for local contractors to fund the remaining construction, with the Hungarian Government settling the payments once the loan agreement under the restructured debt is signed.

He added that accordingly, with local contractors agreeing to fund the remaining construction of the flyover at the Kohuwala junction, the construction resumed yesterday and it is expected to be completed in three months.

Minister of Highways Bandula Gunawardena made the remarks while undertaking an inspection tour of the flyover at the Kohuwala Junction yesterday.