Former Minister not willing to accept Supreme Court ruling.


Former Minister Diana Gamage addressing a media briefing said that she cannot accept the Supreme Court ruling which determined that she cannot hold a seat in the Parliament of Sri Lanka.“I am a person who respects the judiciary. However, I cannot accept this ruling, due to several reasons. There was a big political conspiracy behind this,” Gamage said.The former MP said that she does not blame the entire Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) party, although certain members must be held responsible.“There are a few Samagi Jana Balawegaya MPs who engage in vindictive politics, Gamage said. “Yesterday’s ruling only showed their hate,” she said.Gamage also said that this ruling was an attack on the entire female population of the country. “I am a State Minister and Parliamentarian who openly spoke and stood up for the women and people of this country. But the Opposition Leader has gotten together with a random beggar to fight against a lone woman for the past four years,” she said.“I have a message to women in this country. There will be an election. Use your vote wisely if you think that an opposition leader who behaves like a donkey should be in Parliament. Because this opposition leader is a man who has no respect for women,” Gamage said.