Heightened Security during Festive Season.

Inspector General of Police Deshabandu Tennakoon emphasized the need for heightened security measures in light of the upcoming Ramadan festival and Sinhala and Hindu New Year celebrations.

Speaking at an event held at the Minister’s Security Division, the IGP highlighted the global threat of extremist terrorist attacks stressing the importance of focusing on VIP security and national security.

“Extremist and terrorist attacks occur worldwide often unexpectedly. This underscores the necessity of vigilance, the IGP said.

Meanwhile, the IGP said that there are certain persons who are attempting to attack on political, religious and cultural aspects to incite public unrest.

“Special attention should be given to security during the Ramadan festival and the Sinhala and Hindu New Year. Security situations can change rapidly. Although not on the scale of the Easter attacks, other incidents could occur. We must address social issues like extremism and terrorism,” the IGP said.

Meanwhile, police said that they have implemented special security measures for mosques during Ramadan, with over 7,500 security personnel involved in the effort.

Police said Inspector General of Police Deshabandu Tennakoon has instructed to implement a combined security programme involving the Police, Special Task Force (STF), and tri-forces for the Ramadan festival on April 11.

This security plan has been developed after meetings with Mawlavis of mosques at each police divisions.

Police said a total of 5,580 police officers, 510 STF officers and 1,260 tri-forces personnel have been deployed at 2,453 mosques across the the island where religious services are held.