Sri Lanka’s specialists warn of strike over Karapitya Hospital incident

In response to the recent arrest of the Oncological Surgeon at Karapitiya Teaching Hospital, who is accused of assaulting a female hospital staffer, the Karapitiya branch of the Association of Medical Specialists (AMS) has raised serious concerns and threatened strike action.

In a formal letter addressed to the hospital director, the AMS has urgently called for an impartial inquiry into the matter and the prompt restoration of normal services. The AMS highlights the disruption of cancer-related clinical work during trade union actions, deviating from the usual island-wide practice.

On January 16, 2024, the onco surgical unit faced disruptions during surgical operations due to Trade Union Actions (TUA). Dr. S.C.R. Perera, the Senior Consultant Oncological Surgeon, filed a complaint expressing concern about the impact on cancer surgery.

On January 17, Dr. S.C.R. Perera encountered a life-threatening mob attack when visiting the Director’s office, prompting the AMS to stress the urgent need to address the continuous harassment hindering the provision of cancer care.

Meanwhile, the Onco Surgeon, currently under police custody, has been remanded until January 22. The Health Ministry has also initiated an investigation into the incident.