Kate to remain in hospital for two weeks after successful surgery

Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales is slated for a two-week hospital stay following successful abdominal surgery, according to Kensington Palace. While the procedure was premeditated and deemed a success, the princess is not expected to resume her royal duties for several months. Specific details about her medical condition have not been disclosed, but it has been clarified that it is unrelated to cancer.

In a formal statement, 42-year-old Catherine expressed her regret for postponing previously planned engagements. The statement also indicated that, based on medical advice, her return to public duties is unlikely before Easter.

In adherence to the standard protocol for senior members of the royal family, Kensington Palace has released limited information about the princess’s condition and will not provide continuous updates on her recovery. Nevertheless, the extended hospital stay and the tone of the statement suggest the gravity of her medical situation. The surgery, conducted on Tuesday, was significant enough to necessitate up to a two-week hospitalization, with an estimated recovery period of potentially three months.