Killer Mike detained at Grammy Awards after winning three awards

In an unexpected turn of events at this year’s Grammy Awards, rapper Killer Mike was detained shortly after achieving a momentous career milestone, winning three prestigious awards at the ceremony held at the Crypto Arena in Los Angeles. The 48-year-old artist, basking in the glory of his first Grammy wins in over two decades, was handcuffed and escorted out by the Los Angeles Police Department, as captured in footage by the Hollywood Reporter.

Despite the joyous occasion for Killer Mike, who clinched awards for Best Rap Album, Best Rap Song, and Best Rap Performance, the celebration was cut short. The Los Angeles police, while confirming the detention of a Black male, refrained from providing specific details or the identity of the individual. Killer Mike’s representation has yet to make an official statement regarding the incident.

Chris Gardner of the Hollywood Reporter, who first broke the news of the detention, mentioned that it remains unclear on what charges Killer Mike was detained, other than it being described as a misdemeanor. Furthermore, an official clarified that the arrest was unrelated to the day’s events at the arena.

This year, Killer Mike dominated the rap categories, securing victories for his album “Mike” and his hit single “Scientists & Engineers,” featuring notable artists André 3000, Future, and Eryn Allen Kane, who were all recognized for their contributions to the award-winning track.