Meta Set to Unveil Groundbreaking AR Glasses at Developer Conference

Meta is gearing up to unveil its long-term project on new augmented-reality (AR) glasses at its upcoming developer conference. The debut of what is internally named Orion, Meta’s inaugural venture into “true” AR glasses, is anticipated this fall, likely during the annual Connect conference for third-party developers. The AR team faces internal expectations to showcase the high-tech glasses at Connect, according to Business Insider. 

Although the AR glasses won’t immediately be available for public purchase post-reveal, select employees have been testing advanced prototypes. This demonstration is set to stir excitement within the industry for Meta’s investment in cutting-edge wearable technology. Distinct from Meta’s Ray-Ban smart glasses and Quest headsets, the Orion project represents a significant stride in AR technology. Developed over several years within Meta’s Reality Labs division, Orion is part of a broader effort encompassing AR and virtual reality (VR), artificial intelligence (AI), and all metaverse-centric projects.