Minister Diana Gamage Highlights Nightlife’s Key Role in Economic Growth

The State Minister for Tourism Diana Gamage stressed the vital role of nightlife in boosting Sri Lanka’s economy, noting that it makes up about 70% of a country income. She explained how nightlife activities, such as dining and entertainment, generate significant tax revenue, particularly from excise duties, which is crucial for the country’s growth and development.

At a press event titled at the Presidential Media Centre, Gamage highlighted the essential contribution of nightlife to the economy. This comes amid discussions on how to manage nightlife activities to balance the interests of residents, tourists, and businesses.

She called for careful consideration of nightlife’s economic benefits and its importance in attracting tourists, especially to beach destinations. Gamage urged for a thoughtful approach to nightlife regulations to ensure it continues to enhance tourist experiences while contributing to the national economy.

The Minister also defended sex work, stating that it is beyond anyone’s capability stop the oldest profession in the world, regardless of criticisms. “Prostitution operates around the clock without a specific schedule. It’s recognized as the world’s oldest profession, and it’s beyond anyone’s control to stop it, regardless of personal opinions,” she stated.

“As a result, it’s important for everyone to adopt a pragmatic perspective and engage in realistic discussions about this topic, especially since it remains a prevalent issue within our country,” she added.