Netanyahu opposes US push for Palestine state

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has informed the United States of his opposition to the creation of a Palestinian state once the Gaza conflict concludes. During a media briefing, Netanyahu said that the offensive in Gaza will continue until Israel achieves complete victory. Netanyahu said that this would mean the complete destruction of Hamas and the return of remaining Israeli hostages, indicating that the conflict would potentially last for several more months.

The Gaza conflict has resulted in a reported 25,000 Palestinian casualties according to the Hamas-run health ministry, with 85% of the Strip’s population displaced. Israel faces mounting pressure to halt its offensive and engage in meaningful discussions for a sustainable resolution to the war.

While Israel’s allies, including the US, and some of its adversaries advocate for a revival of the long-standing “two-state solution,” where a future Palestinian state would coexist with Israel, Netanyahu’s recent statements suggest a contrary intention. He asserted that Israel must maintain security control over all land west of the River Jordan, which encompasses the territory of any prospective Palestinian state. This condition contradicts the notion of Palestinian sovereignty. Netanyahu said that this perspective has been conveyed to the US and stressed his opposition to any reality that could compromise Israel’s security. US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby acknowledged the differing views between the US and Israel on this matter.