Over 1200 flights delayed and 1300 cancelled after storms in US

With more than 1,200 flight cancellations and 1,300 delays reported by FlightAware, United Airlines and Southwest Airlines have each canceled over 250 flights. The storm’s impact extends across numerous airports nationwide, affecting travel from Houston and Chicago, where United was holding incoming flights, to New York, where Delta was delaying flights bound for Kennedy airport.

Additionally, flights destined for Newark and LaGuardia were subject to slowdowns or holds by the Federal Aviation Administration. These disruptions on Tuesday add to the previous day’s woes, with over 3,300 flight cancellations—the highest number since the Southwest meltdown in 2022, as per FlightAware data.

The grounding of the Boeing 737 Max 9 continues to plague United and Alaska Airlines with ongoing cancellations. The FAA imposed this grounding following the door plug blowout incident on Alaska Airline flight 1282. Notably, Alaska and United are the sole carriers operating this specific aircraft model.

FlightAware data reveals that there have been over 1,000 flight cancellations each day since last Friday, with nearly 2,300 flights canceled on that day alone. Over the weekend, from Friday through Monday, close to 8,600 flights faced cancellations.