Piumi Hansamali Challenges CID Investigations

Piumi Hansamali Challenges CID Investigations in Court

News Today: Piumi Hansamali Files Writ Petition Against CID Investigations

Sri Lankan model Piumi Hansamali has filed a writ petition in the Court of Appeal challenging the legality of the investigations conducted by the CID’s Illegal Assets Investigations Division regarding the alleged suspicious acquisition of property. Through her petition, Piumi Hansamali is seeking an order suspending the ongoing investigations into her asset acquisition being conducted by the Illegal Assets Investigations Division of the CID.

The petitioner has named the IGP, the CID Director, the Director of CID’s Illegal Assets Investigations Division, and several others as respondents in the petition. The CID had commenced an investigation regarding a complaint that Hansamali had acquired substantial properties through organized crime. Hansamali’s legal team argues that the investigations lack proper legal grounds and violate her rights.

Hansamali’s move to file this petition has sparked significant media attention, highlighting the growing scrutiny on high-profile individuals and their assets. The model has consistently denied any wrongdoing, stating that her property acquisitions were legitimate and transparent. She maintains that the ongoing investigation is a targeted attack against her reputation and professional career.

This case brings to light the broader issue of how the CID conducts its investigations and the legal frameworks surrounding asset acquisition in Sri Lanka. Observers are keenly watching the developments, as the outcome could set a precedent for future cases involving high-profile figures.

The court’s decision on whether to suspend the investigations will be closely monitored, with potential implications for the CID’s approach to similar cases. As this legal battle unfolds, it underscores the tension between law enforcement agencies and public figures accused of misconduct.