Police sergeant being arrested in Maharagama for unruly behavior and obstruction.

Police Arrest Fellow Officer in Maharagama for Unruly Behavior

Police Arrest Fellow Officer in Maharagama for Unruly Behavior and Obstruction

The Maharagama police arrested a police sergeant for unruly behavior and obstructing other officers from performing their duties in the Pannipitiya area. The incident involved a sergeant from the Hiniduma Police Division, highlighting a rare occurrence of police arresting one of their own.

The arrest was made after the Police Emergency hotline staff (119) received a call about a stranger in Pannipitiya who was completely intoxicated and behaving in an unruly manner. Responding swiftly, a night patrol team from the Maharagama Police Station was dispatched to investigate and detain the accused.

Upon arrival, the patrol team discovered that the individual causing the disturbance was a police sergeant attached to the Hiniduma Police Division. The sergeant’s behavior was not only disruptive but also obstructed the officers from performing their duties effectively.

The Maharagama police took immediate action, arresting the sergeant and removing him from the scene. This incident underscores the commitment of the police force to uphold law and order, even when it involves one of their own members.

Investigations are ongoing to determine the full extent of the sergeant’s actions and any potential implications for his future within the police force. The Maharagama Police Department emphasized that all officers, regardless of rank or division, are held to the same standards of conduct and accountability.

Residents in the Pannipitiya area are reassured by the prompt response and decisive action taken by the police, demonstrating their dedication to maintaining public safety and trust.

Updates on the investigation and any further actions will be communicated by the Maharagama Police Department as they become available.