President Warns Drug Trafficking

President Warns Drug Trafficking Poses Greater Threat than Terrorism

Lanka News: President Ranil Wickremesinghe’s Bold Claims on Drug Trafficking

President Ranil Wickremesinghe, speaking at the Uva Pr ovincial Committee Members empowerment workshop in Wellawaya, made a striking assertion that drug trafficking poses a greater threat than terrorism in Sri Lanka. He emphasized the urgent need for collective action to combat this menace, highlighting its detrimental impact on national security and socio-economic stability.

Addressing concerns over law and order, Wickremesinghe underscored recent incidents of arson and property destruction, linking them to drug trafficking activities. He announced initiatives to strengthen community policing and regional cooperation, particularly with neighbouring countries like Pakistan and India, to curb drug smuggling, often originating from Afghanistan.

The President criticized human rights lawyers for defending individuals involved in drug-related crimes post-arrest, suggesting a conflict between human rights advocacy and law enforcement priorities. He called for legislative reforms to bolster anti-drug efforts without resorting to extreme measures like the death penalty, contrasting with Singapore’s approach.

Highlighting the societal impact, Wickremesinghe stressed the role of schools and religious institutions in preventing drug use among youth, urging their active involvement in enforcing anti-drug laws. He called upon parliament to clarify the stance on drug trafficking vis-à-vis human rights concerns.

In conclusion, Wickremesinghe urged comprehensive support for law enforcement efforts against drug trafficking, framing it as crucial for safeguarding future generations and sustaining economic progress amid challenges. His remarks signal a heightened focus on tackling drug-related crime as integral to national security and social welfare.