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Massive Strike: 200+ Trade Unions Demand Fair Stipend

Lanka News: Public Sector Trade Unions Strike for 25,000 Rupee Stipend

More than 200 public sector trade unions in Lanka, including Grama Niladhari officers and surveyors, will participate in a two-day strike by reporting ‘sick’ today and tomorrow. This widespread industrial action highlights the growing discontent among public sector employees regarding their financial treatment and working conditions.

Teachers and principals are also set to join the strike by reporting ‘sick’ tomorrow, further emphasizing the broad support for the trade unions’ demands. These demands center around receiving a stipend of 25,000 rupees regardless of service grade.

The trade unions argue that the economic pressure caused by the increasing cost of living and the heavy tax burden has made it essential to extend this allowance to all public sector employees, not just those in executive positions. They contend that while the allowance has been increased to 25,000 rupees, it remains limited to officers in the executive service of the public sector, leaving a significant portion of workers without adequate financial support.

This strike is a clear signal to the government that public sector employees are united in their demand for fair treatment and adequate compensation. The impact of the strike is expected to be significant, affecting various public services and highlighting the urgency of addressing these issues.

In conclusion, the two-day strike by over 200 public sector trade unions, including teachers and principals, underscores the pressing need for equitable financial treatment of all public sector employees in Lanka. The outcome of this strike will be closely watched by stakeholders across the country.