Report reveals Government expenditure on Vehicles can be reduced.

According to a report conducted by the sectoral oversight committee on energy and transport Government vehicles running at high costs can be reduced to much lower costs. Government vehicles running at a cost of Rs. 300 per kilometer can be run at the cost of Rs. 100 – Revealed the Sectoral Oversight Committee on Energy and Transport. The report was conducted based on data prepared by the Department of Manpower and Employment on “Public Resource Management” which was presented at the Sectoral Oversight Committee on Energy and Transport,.

According to the statistics of the year 2022, government institutions own about 82,000 vehicles, of which about 76,000 are in running condition and around 5500 vehicles are not in running condition. The research paper also revealed that the cost of driving one kilometer of a vehicle in running condition is approximately between Rs. 300 and Rs.500.

Further studies indicated that if these vehicles required by government institutions are hired from the private sector on a rent or lease basis, it is possible to run a kilometer with Rs. 100 or less. Thus, if state owned vehicles were removed,Rs.20 billion will be saved from Government expenditure.

Taking this information into account, the Chair of the committee, Nalaka Bandara Kottegoda, recommended that a sub-committee be appointed under the Chairmanship of MP Yadamini Gunawardena to conduct a thorough study of this research paper and submit a report to the Parliament.

Expert opinions were obtained regarding the measures that can be taken in the country regarding solar energy.
[13:39, 27/03/2024] Channaka: Sri Lankan Government to transfer debt to state owned enterprise.

Sri Lanka will transfer expressways, land and local debt to a separate state owned enterprise, called Sahasya Investments Limited, following a cabinet decision.

“The daily administration and management will be transferred to Sahasya Investment Limited from April 1 through an agreement,” Cabinet spokesman Minister Bandula Gunawardena said.

“Then after a legal and financial feasibility study is conducted jointly by the RDA and Sahasya Investment Limited, all properties will be transferred within six months.”

The transfer of expressway is part of the restructuring of Road Development Authority, Minister Gunawardana said. “No staff will lose their jobs or perks.” Sahasya Investment Limited is a company owned by the government and established in 2020.