Sapugaskanda Refinery Scheduled for Major Overhaul in July 2024: CPC Announces 45-Day Shutdown

The Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) has announced a scheduled closure of the Sapugaskanda refinery for a major statutory overhaul, marking its first shutdown for maintenance after operating continuously for over three years. In a recent public announcement, the corporation revealed that the Sapugaskanda Oil Refinery will halt its operations for a 45-day period starting in early July 2024, following its last maintenance session in February 2021.

This planned shutdown is a critical step, adhering to international safety and operational standards, ensuring the refinery’s capability to operate safely and efficiently for another three years. Post-maintenance, the refinery is slated for enhancements aimed at bolstering its capacity to meet the evolving product demands of Sri Lanka.

To mitigate any supply disruptions during this period, the CPC is preparing to sustain a full crude capacity to quickly resume full operations post-turnaround. Additionally, it plans to secure a buffer stock of products, sufficient for twice the duration of the shutdown, to guarantee an uninterrupted supply chain for its customers.