Students attending school despite non-academic staff strikes

Schools to Function as Usual Tomorrow Amid Strike Announcements

Education Ministry Confirms Schools Open Amid Non-Academic Staff Strikes

The Ministry of Education announced today that schools across the island will continue to function as usual tomorrow, June 24th. This decision comes in the wake of a scheduled educational non-academic employees’ strike.

The non-academic staff of government schools have declared they will undertake trade union action by reporting sick on Monday, June 24th, and Tuesday, June 25th. They are demanding a national policy for the non-academic service within the education sector.

Despite these planned actions, the Ministry assured that all schools would remain open and continue their regular activities. The announcement aims to alleviate concerns among parents and students regarding potential disruptions.

In parallel, university non-academic staff, who have been striking for over 50 days, announced that they have submitted the necessary written agreements to the State Minister of Higher Education to address their issues at a minimum level. The University Trade Union Joint Committee (UTUJC) has indicated that if the government provides a favorable response, their strike action will conclude tomorrow.

The ongoing strikes highlight significant issues within the non-academic sectors of both schools and universities, with staff calling for comprehensive policies and agreements to address their grievances. The Ministry of Education’s decision to keep schools operational underscores its commitment to ensuring that students’ education remains uninterrupted despite these challenges.

As the situation unfolds, stakeholders in the education sector will be closely monitoring the government’s response to the non-academic staff’s demands. The resolution of these issues is critical for maintaining stability and functionality within educational institutions across the country.

In conclusion, while non-academic staff at both schools and universities are pushing for significant changes, the Ministry of Education has confirmed that schools will function as usual tomorrow, ensuring continuity in students’ education. The outcome of the ongoing discussions between the government and the striking staff will be crucial in determining the future landscape of the education sector.