Ali Sabry's Economic Boost

Transform Your Income: Ali Sabry’s Economic Boost Plan Unveiled

News Today: Sri Lanka’s Foreign Affair Minister Ali Sabry on Economic Growth

Sri Lanka’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Ali Sabry, PC, recently highlighted the nation’s economic challenges in an interview with Legacy Daily. Despite positive economic indicators such as a 5.3% growth rate, an influx of tourists, a strengthening rupee, and improvements in reserves and the primary account balance, the Minister acknowledged the issue of rising prices.

Sabry pointed out that while the economy is showing positive signs, the prices of products, which escalated during the height of inflation in mid-2022, have not decreased. “Proportionately, the income of the people has not risen,” he said. “Our challenge is, rather than trying to bring the prices down, to increase the income and salaries of our people as we go forward. Probably that’s our target for the next 6 to 18 months.”

Addressing the pressing need to uplift people’s income, Foreign Affairs Minister Ali Sabry emphasized the critical importance of combating corruption, enhancing service efficiency, bridging the digital divide, and investing significantly in key economic sectors. Speaking to Legacy Daily, Sabry highlighted the crucial areas to bolster the economy, including renewable energy, port development, and positioning Sri Lanka as a strategic maritime and air traffic hub.

In his interview, Sabry stressed the necessity of prioritizing income growth over price reduction in the coming months to uplift the livelihoods of citizens effectively. This approach aims to tackle the disparity between soaring prices and stagnant income levels, ensuring a more balanced economic environment.