Sri Lanka faces Dengue fever surge with 380 cases daily

Sri Lanka is grappling with a concerning surge in Dengue fever cases, recording an alarming 380 cases per day. Health experts are sounding the alarm as the country battles this significant increase in mosquito-borne illnesses.

Latest data from the Epidemiology Unit, as of January 18, reveals a total of 6,382 reported Dengue cases, with a notable concentration of over 2,100 cases reported from the Western Province alone. The capital city, Colombo, remains a hotspot, contributing significantly to the reported cases.

In response to the escalating situation, the Health Ministry has declared a special Dengue prevention week from January 07 to 13. The initiative involved islandwide cleaning campaigns and dengue prevention and awareness programs.

The year 2023 witnessed a record-breaking number of 88,398 Dengue cases, with the Colombo District reporting the highest incidence at 18,650 cases. December marked a distressing month, recording 11,498 cases, the highest monthly tally for Dengue in 2023.

Health authorities are intensifying efforts to curb the spread of Dengue fever, urging communities to take preventive measures and raising awareness about mosquito breeding grounds.