Sri Lanka Health workers launch another strike

Over 72 trade unions representing health workers have declared their intention to initiate an island-wide strike starting at 6:30 a.m. today.

Over the past weeks, health sector trade unions in Sri Lanka have been demanding that the government restore the Disturbance, Availability, and Transport (DAT) allowance, which had been suspended.

Despite pledges from the government, including assurances of dialogue upon the President’s return from official overseas engagements, healthcare workers remain disheartened by the lack of engagement with authorities. 

Trade union representatives assert that despite the President’s return, substantive discussions on their demands are yet to materialize, intensifying frustrations among healthcare professionals.

However, amidst this broad movement, the All Ceylon Nurses’ Union, recognized as a significant stakeholder within the healthcare sphere, has opted to abstain from participating in the forthcoming strike action.