Sri Lanka Navy arrests 10 Indian fishermen in anti-poaching operation

The Sri Lanka Navy apprehended 10 Indian fishermen and seized an Indian trawler during a special operation. The Navy detected that these individuals were involved in illegal fishing in northern Sri Lankan waters near Point Pedro, Jaffna.

The Northern Naval Command deployed an Inshore Patrol Craft to deter a group of Indian poaching trawlers and successfully detained one of them along with its crew, who were still in Sri Lankan waters near Point Pedro.

The 10 Indian fishermen and the poaching trawler have been brought to Kankasanthurai harbor and will be handed over to the Mailadi Fisheries Inspector for further legal proceedings, as stated by the Navy.

To protect the livelihood of local fishermen and preserve the marine resources of the country, the Sri Lanka Navy regularly conducts patrols and operations in Sri Lankan waters to combat illegal fishing by foreign fishing trawlers.