Sri Lanka plans water tariff reduction aligned with electricity tariffs

Water Supply and Estate Infrastructure Development Minister Jeevan Thondaman, revealed plans to introduce a pricing formula for water tariffs. The aim is to bring water tariffs in line with reduced electricity tariffs, he said.

The Minister explained that this pricing formula will be developed in collaboration with both the National Water Supply and Drainage Board and advisors from the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

During a meeting held at Peradeniya University, Minister Thondaman disclosed that the Power and Energy Minister had given assurances of an upcoming reduction in electricity tariffs. He also highlighted the potential for a corresponding reduction in water tariffs, as the cost of water supply is expected to decrease alongside lower energy costs.

Moreover, the Minister pointed out that water tariffs had seen an increase in January 2019, coinciding with a 66 percent rise in electricity tariffs. He suggested that a significant reduction in water tariffs could be anticipated if electricity tariffs were to be reduced by 50 percent.