Sri Lanka Powers Up Shopping with “Charge While You Shop” Initiative

Sri Lanka is taking a step forward in promoting electric vehicles (EVs) with the launch of the “Charge While You Shop” initiative by the Ministry of Power and Energy. This innovative program aims to address a key concern for EV owners – range anxiety – by providing convenient charging stations at popular retail locations.

According to the Power and Energy Minister, this initiative signifies Sri Lanka’s commitment to transitioning towards a more sustainable transportation system. The “Charge While You Shop” program will offer EV owners the opportunity to top up their batteries while they run errands or browse stores, eliminating the worry of running out of power before reaching their destination.

The program’s initial rollout is expected to include charging stations at Cargills retail locations across the country. This partnership between the government and the private sector demonstrates a collaborative approach towards promoting e-mobility in Sri Lanka.

The “Charge While You Shop” initiative is a positive development for Sri Lanka’s environmental and energy goals. By making EV ownership more convenient and addressing range anxiety, this program is expected to encourage wider adoption of electric vehicles in the country.