Sri Lanka Teachers strike 2024: Educators on Strike Over Salary Discrepancies

Sri Lanka Teachers Strike: Educators Protest Salary Discrepancies

Sri Lanka Teachers Strike 2024: Protest Against Unresolved Salary Issues

Teachers, principals, instructors, and Piriven teachers in Sri Lanka are initiating a one-day sick leave campaign today to protest unresolved salary discrepancies and other grievances. According to Joseph Stalin, General Secretary of the Ceylon Teachers’ Union (CTU), only one-third of their salary anomalies have been addressed as per the Subodhini Committee Report’s recommendations. However, significant issues remain unaddressed.

The sick leave campaign aims to pressure the government to settle the remaining two-thirds of the salary anomalies for educators. A gathering is scheduled opposite the Fort Railway Station, where participants will discuss further actions if their demands are not met.

“We also demand relief for parents from school expenses. It has been two years of inaction on the salary anomaly issue,” Stalin emphasized, noting that teachers and principals will refrain from their educational duties during the campaign.